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Star Club

We are a ‘Home within the School’ where your children can safely play with their friends after the school day ends. Foundation Stage children arrive at 1pm and can stay until 3.30pm or 5pm.  At 3.20pm they are joined by Primary children, which the little ones love just as much as the older children enjoy playing with/mentoring the younger ones.

Activities include free play and guided play indoors/outdoors.  Arts and crafts are always a fun-filled pastime as well as dressing up, playing board games, chilling out with a book, sleeping in the cosy corner or singing, dancing and show making.  Thursday is popcorn party/movie day which is a particular favourite of the children.  We give the children healthy snacks at 2.45pm and at 4.15pm, after they have eaten the contents of their lunch boxes.

Hours:      Sunday to Wednesday until 5pm | Thursday until 2pm

We also provide a LATE PICK UP service to help parents.  If you haven’t collected your child after school by 1.10pm (FS) 3.30pm (Primary), your child will be taken care of (fee applies) in Star Club until you get there so no need to take risky rides on the SZR.

Why use Star Club?

  • If you have to work or are otherwise engaged
  • If you have siblings in FS and Primary – only one pick up per day is required
  • If you have appointments to keep / airport runs to make
  • If you would prefer all the glitter and messy play to happen at school
  • If there are no siblings / other children at home
  • If you want your child to become great at socialising / interacting with other age groups

For more information, please call Sharon Adams on 0585 190268, or email

Find the Registration Form here.