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Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for all members of the school community, for the students’ own personal property, that of others and for the property of the school. The standard of behaviour must be socially acceptable, both inside and outside the school. We expect students to uphold the school values of respect, responsibility, collaboration, excellence and aspiration at all times.



General expectation of Primary students:

We expect all children to act sensibly and in a safe, responsible manner. Children should show consideration for others and must not take part in any act which
may cause distress or put any member of the school in danger. In return, students expect to be treated with care and consideration.

Primary Students are expected to:

  • • Be caring, considerate, courteous and polite to everyone.
  • • Look after the school and everything in it.
  • • Work quietly and always do our best.
  • • Listen carefully and always do as asked.
  • • Walk and move about school quietly and sensibly.
  • • Share with others and always be truthful.


General expectation of Middle and Senior students:

  • • Mobile phones may not be visible at any time and must be turned off.
  • • Students are not permitted to leave the campus during the school day unless permission has been requested from, or given by, the parents. Slightly different rules are in place for Year 13.
  • • Any form of brawling, bullying, racism and bad language is unacceptable and will be dealt with in a serious manner.
  • • Chewing gum, smoking and stimulants are prohibited anywhere on the school campus. All visitors to the school are asked to respect our no chewing gum rule at all times.


Middle and Senior Students are expected to:

  • • Behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times.
  • • Behave in a responsible and safe manner at all times. Please ensure your child has the correct uniform and their student ID lanyard with them.
  • • Show respect towards their fellow students, teachers and support staff.
  • • Show respect for their property, that of the school and that of their fellow students. Vandals will pay for their damage, and theft will be dealt with in a very serious manner.
  • • Wear their uniform when attending Parents Evening.
  • • Sign a Student Contract outlining the School Expectation and Code of Conduct.
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