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Medical Care

Medical Care

The College Nurse Jessy George is available in the school clinic 7:30am 5:00pm Sunday to Wednesday and 7:30am-2:30pm on Thursday. First aid treatment for illness occurring in school during school hours will be provided by the college nurse but it is expected that for all other medical needs the students will consult their own doctor. Please do not send your children to school if they are ill. The Infection Control Policy is in the Medical Resources section on the D6 School Communicator for your reference.

Medication should not be carried by students (except inhalers for asthma). Please inform the school if your child has any medical condition and/or is taking regular medication. Any student who requires administration of medication during school hours should have a doctor’s prescription detailing the medication’s name, dose, and times to be administered, plus a written and signed note from parents. This should then be given to the nurse on arrival at the college.It is mandated by the Dubai Health Authority that all medical forms are completed and returned prior to student starting at the college. The school medical staff may not treat a student without this form.

When there is a valid reason for a student not to take part in PE, it is important that a parent note is sent explaining the circumstances. If this is over a prolonged period, a doctor’s certificate will be required. If a genuine note is not presented, students are expected to take part in physical activities, including swimming.

All new students receive a school medical as required by the Dubai Health Authority. Medicals are also required for students entering Years 9 and 11. The college doctor comes in twice a week to carry out the medicals with the nurse in attendance.

Immunisations are not offered at the college. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child’s vaccinations are all up to date. The UAE vaccination schedule is in the Medical Resources section on the D6 School Communicator for your reference. Please ensure that a copy of the student’s immunisation records are sent to the college nurse.

If a student is unwell, the college nurse (or a member of staff) willl assess him/her and call the parents to collect the child. Students may not call their parents directly to collect them from school for illness. Please contact the college nurse immediately if you receive such a call from your child. Parents are expected to collect their child within 45 minutes of being called to do so.

Emergencies: In the unlikely event of an emergency, the policy of The English College is to call an ambulance to take an injured student to hospital. In this event every attempt will be made to contact parents. Please ensure that the college has your current contact details.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding health matters in the college, please do not hesitate to speak to the college nurse.