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Inclusion and People of determination:

The inclusion department supports students who have additional needs. These are students either with a diagnosis or with input from external professions due to a variety of reasons. The department is located in the heart of the school where it is easily accessible to all students. Dedicated to working in the department are:

  • • The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO)
  • • A Learning Support Assistant (LSA) assigned to key pupils to provide targeted support


We accept students in line with our admissions policy, request that parents mark any Special Educational Needs and Disabilities  (SEND) input on the admissions form clearly and submit any reports that will help us make an informed decision for the pupil concerned. Parents may be asked to assist their child in an interview with the SEND. The English College is currently undergoing some building works; with the new build, the department will get a purpose-built unit to support the pupils and move Inclusion forward.


We offer

Y7: Primary/ Secondary Group- The aim of this group is to make the transition into secondary smoother and successful for the students. This runs for a term in Autumn and is taught by the SENDCO. The interventions are personalised to students’ needs. Students are identified by the teaching staff.

Y8: Personalised package of literacy and numeracy support. The aim of these groups is to develop effective literacy and numeracy skills. This is taught by the SENDCO.

Y9: Students access support to learn the language of exams, subject specific vocabulary and revision techniques. Their sessions are also personalised to their needs with support provided to individuals in social and emotional aspects.

KS4: Students are supported in a variety of ways. They are tracked, monitored and supported by the SENDCO. Targeted students may also be offered coursework and exam support as a short-term intervention. Their access arrangements are overseen by the SENDCO.

KS5: Students are supported with their access arrangements, are tracked, monitored and have drop in space when they need to speak to the SENDCO. They are also offered exam support.


In addition to the above, we offer:

  • • Support by the SENDCO as a key contact for the pupils and their parents
  • • Review meetings for pupils following interventions
  • • Constant communication with parents
  • • Empowering staff to carter for our pupils through CPD and strategy sharing
  • • A safe space – for students to come to if they are experiencing difficulties in lesson or when they need to speak to someone
  • • Structured activities at break times for students to develop social interaction and peer relations
  • • Consistent approach

If a child is identified by their previous school as having a learning need, then our SENDCO will ensure that appropriate provision is provided to the child and support provided. This may be in a variety of ways but will be overseen by the SENDCO and parents informed.


What students think about ES lessons and the skills they develop:

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If you have any queries or would like to arrange a visit, please contact Rabia Ahmed, SEDCO: or call T+971 4 394 3465 ext 632