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King’s College Hospital London

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new partnership with The King’s College Hospital London (KCH).

KCH is a world-renowned healthcare provider with over 175 years’ experience; leading on clinical excellence and academic research across a range of disciplines.

From 30th August The King’s College Hospital London (KCH) will be managing our school clinic by providing us with the following services:

  • Full-time Nurse
  • Doctor Support (in line with DHA requirements)
  • Management and Governance

KCH will not only provide medical assistance to students during the school day but will become an integral part of the school ecosystem; maximizing health potential and providing a spectrum of health services within the school and wider community.

Our school community will benefit from:

  • Receiving the highest standard of clinical competence and governance
  • Access to health awareness programmes, health seminars and screenings
  • Discounts for services not covered by medical insurance
  • Summer internships for senior students

This collaboration will not only provide our students with the highest standard of medical care but also support us in identifying and managing risk across the school whilst guaranteeing quality and regulatory compliance.

We hope you join us in welcoming The King’s College Hospital London to our school and we look forward to working cohesively to benefit all of our students, parents and the staff team.

To find out more about The Kings College Hospital London visit:

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