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IBV to install Smixin, a fully automatic integrated hand washing system

The English College has appointed IBV to install Smixin units in our Primary and Secondary buildings by the end of July as well as the new building once the construction is complete. SMIXIN™ is a fully automatic integrated hand washing system. It offers a unique hand washing experience using patented technology that mixes water, soap and air in an optimal way allowing savings up to:
• 90% less water (Comfort, Compact and Combi units)
• 60% less soap (Compact and Combi units)
• 60% less paper (for Combi unit)

These all-in-one hand washing systems aim to improve hand hygiene, while substantially reducing water consumption. The hand washing process with Smixin Compact and Smixin Combi units runs in cycles: 1) Soap 2) Rub/Clean 3) Rinse. The duration of each cycle is predefined and the whole hand washing process lasts for 20-30 seconds to achieve optimal hand hygiene.

In addition to the energy and resource efficiency, the Smixin system ensures maximum hygiene and 0% contact with bacteria during the entire hand washing cycle through:
• Touch-free mechanism which eliminates the risk of germs transmission and contamination
• Dermatologically tested soap which is gentle for the skin with a pleasant aroma
• Bacteria-free soap pouch achieved by attaching the dispensing system directly to the soap pouch allowing for a clean new dispensing system every time the pouch is changed

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