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The schools merger brings positive opportunities to students

Pupils often lose their way when transferring from primary to secondary. This can be a very difficult time in a pupil’s school life. The communication between primary schools and secondary schools is often poor and results in pupils not getting the teaching they need in Year 7 (Year 6 being the top of primary and Year 7 the bottom of secondary). This often means the work in lessons is either too hard or too easy. The pupils are faced with a bewildering number of teachers they haven’t met before and are often required to physically move from class to class across a larger campus. All this can be very unsettling for the pupils and can lead to a loss of confidence and reduced grades. The merger of the primary school and secondary school into an all-thorough school will bring some positive opportunities for the students. At The English College we are now able to offer a much smoother pathway from primary to secondary, as we will have a middle element to the school that is especially designed to address these issues. This means each pupil will have a much more effective and less stressful transition from primary to secondary, with the work and expectations far better focused on each child’s needs. So, when parents are offered a place in the foundation stage, or any class in primary phase of The English College, they can have peace of mind knowing their child can progress all the way to the Sixth Form without having the problems associated with starting a new school in Year 7.

The English College is a distinctive school that is investing in the continuity of our students’ education. An all-through school helps the students in the primary moving to secondary to strongly identify with and commit to a school that has a history, a well-thought curriculum and provides outstanding results. Our exceptional teachers, motivated students and highly supportive parent body create a vibrant learning community that works together to achieve results far above those expected. Our dedicated, UK qualified staff create innovative lessons and maintain high standards, enabling our students to achieve 36% A**-A, 78% A**-B and 93% A**-C at GCSE; as well as 85% A*-C and 100% A*-E at A Level in 2018.