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Meet Our Teacher

Meet our head of Moral Education: Glenda Clark

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What subjects do you teach?

Moral Education, Social Studies and Psychology this year but also Sociology and History. In the UK my teaching life began as a Religious Studies teacher with PE as my 2nd subject but I am nothing if not versatile!

What different age groups have you taught?

FS right through to Year 13

How long have you been teaching?

29 years

Why did you become a teacher?

For me there was never any doubt past the age of 15 that I wanted to be a teacher. I was often asked by my teachers at school to support other students in class so maybe it started there and developed. Teaching was the route I wanted to take to make a difference in people’s lives.

What is your favourite part about teaching?

I love planning a lesson and then seeing it go well. Students never cease to amaze me with their depth of understanding and their willingness to share personal experiences. I learn so much every day in the classroom.

What is your best advice for a beginning teacher? What advice would you give to students considering going into teaching?

Do it!
Time management is essential. There is a lot of admin so learn to prioritise and not procrastinate.
Don’t rely on the internet for your resources, be resourceful – the students appreciate your personalisation and creativity.
Talk to other teachers, they are all going through or have gone through similar concerns to you and will have advice or be happy to let you talk it through non judgmentally.

What and where else have you taught?

I taught Religious Studies for 18 years in and around Essex in the UK before I moved to Dubai. Along the way I also picked up teaching History, Geography, Sociology, PSHE and PE. I was a Head of Humanities before I left so had to teach across all our subjects. I taught at The Winchester School in Jebel Ali for 8 years with one year at Jumeirah College. At Winchester I taught Year 5 Maths, French from Year 3 to Year 11 and was Head of French for a year due to a teacher leaving suddenly. I also taught Moral Science and the occasional Islamic lesson. I also taught KS3 History and KS4 and 5 Sociology I was the Head of Teaching and Learning so would often teach classes from FS to Year 13 to role model different ways of delivering material. At JC I taught History and Geography and was Head of Year 7.

Where did you go to high school? Where did you go to college? Who influenced you when you were a student?

I went to Moulsham High School in Chelmsford, Essex having turned down my place at the Girls High School after passing my 11+. I am a firm believer that a student will do well at school if they have the right motivation and they will find the teachers to guide them. I went to Lancaster University for my BA and the Westminster College in Oxford for my PGCE.

Besides teaching what have you done for work?

I worked for the Co-op as a sixth former and during my holidays from university. I worked on the delicatessen counter as a sixth former so I can cut a piece of cheese to the weight you require pretty accurately! I also did silver service waitressing at Chelmsford Cricket Club.

What are your hobbies? What else do you do for fun?

I used to play netball and rounders but following breaking my ankle I have had to learn to be more docile in my hobbies! I love to read, listen and sing along to music, dance and go to concerts and plays. I love films, musicals and a great TV series – I am a lifelong Coronation Street fan! I have a dog so I enjoy walking him and discovering new places. I love to travel. I am a Guide leader. I am co-manager of the UAE Debate team. I love quizzes, jigsaw puzzles and escape rooms.

If you could change one thing about the school, what would it be and why ?

I would have more orange in the school. It is my favourite colour and makes me happy. I feel it would stimulate smiles and warm feelings.

What is your biggest achievement?

My children – they make me proud every day and are happy to let me talk about their escapades in class!