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5 Reasons to Enrol Your Kids in a British School in Dubai

Dubai is home to a number of international schools. You and your kids can choose from various schools to go to which have different curricula including British, American, Indian, French and German. Out of the various options, a British school in Dubai can offer several benefits to your kids that are too valuable to pass up. These include:

1. A diverse student body and staff

The English or UK National Curriculum is one of the most well-established and highly regarded educational programs in the world today. As such, a British school will have students from various nationalities whose families prefer this curriculum and will have a number of locals as students as well. Because of the culturally diverse student body, the school is able to create a more welcoming environment in which students can settle in and make friends faster. Everyone will have numerous opportunities to learn from each other as well. The teachers and other staff come from different countries and, because of this, they can easily relate with and understand the worries of their students better. Moreover, they can provide the support your kids may need. A reputable English educational institution will enable students to recognize similarities rather than differences in people of differing cultural backgrounds. They will also be encouraged to celebrate and respect other people’s beliefs, opinions and customs.

2. A curriculum focused on the development of tech-based skills

Schools that follow the British curriculum are now focused on equipping their students with the essential knowledge and skills that will enable them to be future-ready. Since technology will continue to be a part of everyone’s lifestyle in the near and distant future, British schools are ensuring that all topics covered under mathematics, science, information technology, and other subjects under the STEAM strand are comprehensive and meet global academic standards. Aside from having the right type of technology to facilitate student learning, a highly-regarded English school will provide their learners ample hands-on experience. This way, students will learn more than concepts and theories; they will know how to apply them in real life.

3. English is the medium of instruction

One of the biggest advantages of enroling your children in a school that follows the UK National curriculum is that all subjects are taught in English. As a result, your kids won’t have to learn another language to understand the subjects being taught. In case English is not the first language of your kids, they will have the opportunity to practise it and improve.

4. Support for personal development

Aside from helping kids acquire new skills and know-how, a British-curriculum school will also help students develop a number of key personal qualities that will help mold them into well-rounded individuals. Some of the traits your children can develop while at a British school are respect, leadership, accountability, creativity, open-mindedness, camaraderie and drive for excellence. The right school will provide various opportunities for students to learn the importance of developing these traits and skills. Additionally, students will be able to further develop these skills through other activities such as sports, creative, cultural and charitable events.

5. The English National Curriculum is recognized all over the world

Universities and companies from different parts of the globe recognize the British education system and hold it in high regard. This is due to the fact that the curriculum focuses on delivering high academic standards and, at the same time, giving students 21st century skills which will not only help them find success in their future academic and career pursuits but in their personal lives as well.

If you are still unsure if an English National curriculum would be the best for your kids, visit a British school in Dubai with your children first. Let them see the campus, meet the staff and students and facilitate the admission process. If your kids are comfortable with everything, don’t waste time in enrolling them in their chosen English school and get them started on an invaluable learning journey.