A completed application form is required along with documents listed on page 4 of the form. There is an application fee of Dhs. 800. This application fee is to cover administration costs and is non- refundable. An entry assessment is not always required and this decision is made by the Headteacher based on the application form and previous school report. The English College is a school for English Speaking students. We do not teach English as a second language.

Admission to Key Stage 3 and 4

Applications of students from outside Dubai for Years 7, 8, and 9 are accepted throughout the year. Students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs. Year 10 students are only admitted at the beginning of the school year.

Applications from students coming from other Dubai English curriculum schools can be accepted up to the start of the second term only as per the Ministry of Education (KHDA) rules. Transferring from International or American schools to English curriculum schools is not possible mid year (as per KHDA rules).

Year 11 is the second year of the two year GCSE course. Entry is limited to those who have successfully completed the first year of the course and whose GCSE courses and examination boards match those at the College.

Admission decisions are made on the basis of the previous educational record, and, if necessary, a placement assessment, an interview and/or a letter of recommendation from the present school. If a place is offered, the initial placement in the school teaching set is tentative and we may advise a change of subject set after the child’s abilities have been fully assessed.

Applicants who have not undergone an assessment prior to an offer being made will be required to sit an assessment sometime within Term 3 (date to be arranged).  The assessment is necessary to determine the appropriate set within the year group for the applicant.

The English College has a limited number of places for students with specific learning difficulties. These places fill very quickly and a student will only be admitted if it is ascertained that the College can provide the supportive environment in which he or she can succeed.

Admission to Years 12 and 13 (the Sixth Form)

The Sixth Form offers courses in the GCE A level with AS being undertaken in Year 12 and the full A level in Year 13. GCE courses, by their very nature, are demanding academically and entry to Year 12 has a competitive element to it. Places on courses are limited and it is not always possible to meet all of our students’ requests due to the popularity of certain subjects.

Year 12 is open to those students who meet our entry requirement of at least five passes in their GCSEs at A* to C; have an aptitude in their chosen subjects (A* to B) and an attitude towards study that will allow them to succeed.

Year 7 admission of children transferring from the local English curriculum primary schools.

Children transferring from local British curriculum primary schools will follow the normal admission procedure, but there will not necessarily be a placement assessment prior to acceptance. This is as a result of The English College’s close links with the primary schools, a review of prior learning and our consultation with the applicant’s school.

We have a limited number of places for children with special educational needs. All applicants whom we feel require support in this area will be assessed to identify whether the College can meet their needs.



Phase One

Applications received by the end of October will be reviewed during December with our first set of offers being sent out before the end of term one. Those applicants not offered a place in the first round will be transferred to Phase Two. We will also indicate at that time if the applicant has been placed on our Enhanced Studies waiting list (see later note).

Once an offer is received, a place at the College can be secured by receipt of a non-refundable deposit of Dhs 4,000. This deposit will be deducted from the first term’s fees. It is important to note, however, that this offer will remain open for a maximum often days and will be withdrawn once the date has passed.

At this point, the offer can be accepted or declined. If, however, the applicant is applying to schools other than The English College the application can be re-entered into the second phase of admissions. A first offer does not, however, guarantee a second offer being made in Phase Two

Phase Two

All applicants not offered a place in the first round and/or those applications received during December and January will be dealt with in the second phase of the process.

If there are still places available the second set of offers will be made at the same time as Dubai College make their offers. This should remove some of the stress experienced at that time and allow school of first choice to be selected if a place is offered.

The English College offers will remain open for ten days.

Phase Three

All applications on our waiting lists and/or received after the end of January will be processed and dealt with as vacancies arise.

The general waiting list. Applicants will be placed on this list once the school is full.

Enhanced Studies waiting list. Demand for places with Enhanced Studies support may exceed the limited number on offer. Once the places have been allocated, applicants whom we feel require this type of support will enter the Enhanced Studies waiting list. A place is then only offered if an Enhanced Studies position becomes available.

If a place does not become available within the academic year applied for then a new application will be required for the following academic year along with a further Dhs 500 application fee.


The English College ethos is such that the school is coeducational and caters to a wide ability range. Its admission policy will, therefore, reflect this ethos by maintaining a balance of both gender and ability in those places offered.

Siblings’applications will be given priority where possible if sufficient time is given.

Applications can be submitted to the Secondary reception at any time during school opening hours.

Registration with the UAE Ministry of Education (KHDA)

Students offered a place at The English College will be placed in a year group as per the regulations laid down by the UAE Ministry of Education. Furthermore, we are instructed to register all students with the KHDA. It is, therefore, essential that all necessary documentation is handed into the school when requested to allow us to complete this process within the time frame stated by the KHDA.

For all admissions enquiries please contact our Registrar, Tamsin Halis at: admissions@englishcollege.ac.ae

Tel: 04-3943465 x 209