All uniform MUST be purchased from:
Magrudy’s, Beach Road, Jumeirah.
Tel: 04-344-4192

For online ordering, please click the following link to be directed to the ‘EC Uniform Section’ on the Magrudy’s website: Click here

Boys – Uniform

  • Grey trousers
  • White shirt
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes – conventional black leather (not patent)
  • NO training shoes
  • Sweater – maroon with College logo
  • Belt – plain black 3cm

Boys – PE Kit

  • House t-shirt
  • Football socks – 2 pairs
  • Maroon PE shorts – 2 pairs
  • Rugby shirt
  • Polo shirt with logo x 2
  • Black College swimming shorts
  • College baseball cap (optional)
  • Football boots

Girls – Uniform

  • Grey skirts (knee length) or trousers
  • White blouse
  • White socks
  • Black shoes – conventional black leather (not patent) heels no higher than 5cms
  • College sweatshirt or cardigan with logo

Girls – PE Kit

  • House t-shirt
  • White ankle socks – 2 pairs
  • Cycling shorts – 1 pair
  • Maroon PE shorts – 2 pairs
  • Polo shirt x 2
  • Black and maroon College swimming costume
  • College baseball cap (optional)
  • College swim cap

House Color T-Shirts

Falcon – Yellow
Kestrel – Green
Eagle – Blue
Hawk – Red

GIRLS – are permitted to wear one watch and one pair of stud earrings or small sleepers in the lobes of their ears (Years 7-11). Make up and coloured nail polish are not permitted in Years 7 to 11. Girls with shoulder length hair should keep it tied back off the face in Years 7 to 11. Hair ties should be neutral in colour.

BOYS – are permitted to wear one watch only. Hair should be short and tidy (no longer than collar length, above ears and above eyes). Extreme haircuts are not permitted e.g. Shaving of all or part of the head. As a guide, boys’ hair should be no shorter than a number 2 cut. Boys should be clean shaven.

Students are not allowed to dye their hair and if they do so will be asked to rectify it. The Headteacher may suspend a student for an extreme haircut or colour.

All students are asked to wear white under garments under their blouses or shirts. White t- shirts should not bear logos or designs.