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Meet Our Teacher

Meet our Teacher of Physics, Jack Kenwright

How did you first react when you first stepped foot into The English College?

It just felt right. I think a combination of the students and the teaching staff (shout out to the science team) made it very easy to settle in.

How have your interactions with the students been since you started teaching here?

All the students I teach have been brilliant, lots of energy and lots of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. The conversations I have with students show their maturity and politeness.

How are you finding Dubai in comparison to the UK?

Dubai is brilliant; it is a big change from my small rural town in the UK. I am still having those ‘pinch myself’ moments that I actually live here.

What is your favourite moment in The English College so far?

There have been many. If I had to choose, it would be coaching swimming. As it was a big part of my life when I was at school it is nice to continue this and coach a brilliant group of students.