What's Happening

Important Update

Dear English College Parents.

I am sure many of you will now have seen the updates on social media this evening by the Ministry of Education, that all schools in the UAE will remain closed and that the distance learning programme now underway will continue until the end of the current academic year. Unfortunately, we were not given advance notice of this decision and so I am sorry that you had to find this out informally, rather than directly from us at the school.

This is incredibly disappointing news for our teachers, staff and leadership team -we are only a week into online learning but already we miss your children very much and we looked forward to having them back in the classroom. However, we are fully committed to ensuring that they finish the year positively and ready to start their new year group in August. We always planned for this possibility and so are more than ready to continue with our distance learning programme, making adjustments and improvements along the way, following the valuable feedback you share with us on a daily basis.

I know that you will have many questions, and we will address all of them as we get more information from the regulators. I fully appreciate your anxieties as parents, many of you struggling to work from home whilst at the same time supporting your children. I also understand the financial concerns that many of you will be encountering. My leadership team and I will ensure your children continue to enjoy an engaging, enjoyable and high-quality learning experience online and I will make sure that your other concerns are heard at the right levels. I will also endeavour to make sure that you, our parents, are made aware of any updates and changes related to the temporary school closure in a timely manner.

My very best wishes to you and your family, please keep safe and please keep in touch.


Mark Ford