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How to Get Your Child Ready for Private British Education in Dubai

There are a number of British schools in Dubai where a lot of expat families opt to send their children to. English schools, particularly, are top choices because they tend to have a progressive approach toward schooling, yet they hold fast to traditional principles that have made British education among the best in the world.

For young children, however, a foreign brand of education offered by private schools appears to be intimidating. If you are transferring your child to a private English school in Dubai because you believe it has superior standards of education, it is imperative to prepare him or her for the transition. Your child may be anxious about the transfer especially if his ideas of private schooling were formed by what he or she had seen on TV and in the movies, or hearsay. Education experts advise dealing with your child truthfully and taking the time to explain the short-term and long-term benefits of attending a private British school in Dubai. To help you with this vital task, here are some tips to implement:

1. Take your child on a tour of the school.

A school tour will allow your child to get a “feel” for the place. It would be an advantage if he or she ends up fancying the environment. But, if he or she does not, you have the chance to point out the strong physical qualities of the school such as important facilities like the swimming pool, drama studio, art studio and music room.

2. Discuss your concerns about the “international school” experience your child will be getting

Inquire about anything that concerns you or your child. Are there traditions to uphold? How does the school deal with cultural differences since most students originate from different parts of the world? Just prepare all of your queries when you meet with the school’s Registrar. This way, you can discuss the school experience with your child in the best, most honest way possible. The truth will allow your child to prepare for the experience. Meanwhile, you, as a parent will be able to provide your child with the appropriate guidance to make the situation easier.

3. Find out about important school events together with your child.

At top British schools, important school events are already laid out even before the start of the new school year. Take note of all these so your entire family can gear up for the school year filled with a lot of unfamiliar experiences. Family life and child development experts also point out that staying on top of these school activities will help you determine ways to make family and home life a complete source of comfort for your child. It is highly beneficial for children starting anew in a different school to find joy at home. Most families these days leave the challenging task of adjusting to a new school entirely to the child. They believe that the experience can develop grit and resilience, but children develop those two qualities especially if they have supportive family behind them. The bottom line here is, a happy and supportive family can make the challenges of adapting to a new and daunting school more bearable.

Sending your child to a British school is a great way to secure his or her future. However, it is important to take into consideration the anxiety your child may be feeling about the standards he or she needs to meet and the unique school dynamics. Hopefully, with the advice above, your child will be able to adjust well to and thrive in the school he or she will be transferring to.