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Our students make exceptional progress in all areas of the curriculum. Our 25 years of GCSE and A level results prove students of all abilities achieve their potential with us.

Our overall results for 2019:  A LEVEL          A*-B - 54%    A*-C- 83%     100% Pass Rate | GCSE                 (9-6)   63%   (9-4) 90%       100% Pass Rate

Examination Results Headlines

Outstanding Value Added in 72% of subjects at A Level and GCSE.

Very Good Value Added in the remaining 28% subjects.



The English College’s latest PISA results:

The English College was awarded a trophy for having the 4th highest PISA scores in the UAE in 2015.

Why is PISA so important for the government of the UAE?

“Large scale standardised international assessments such as PISA, allow both comparison within a country despite differences in school curricula, as well as between countries internationally.” UAE Ministry of Education  

“We are at the start of the road… to our vision… for every peak we reach overlooks the next. Only those who thrive to achieve are on top…” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 

GCSE Top Performer

Ebbani Juneja
9 Grade 9’s (Highest Score in the School)

Hania Ibrahim Ali
7 x 9’s and 1 x 8

Hiba Khan
7 x 9’s and 1 x 8 1 x A

Clelia Sire Nieman
7 x 9’s and 1 x 8

Chenoa Colaco
6 x 9’s and 2 x 8

Prerana Rao
6 x 9’s and 2 x 8

Mina Hany Fawzi Wahib
6 x 9’s and 2 x 8 and 1 x 7

Pragya Vijay Krishnan
6 x 9’s and 1 x 8 and 2 x 7

Aditii Kamath
5 x 9’s, 2 x 8’s, 1 x 7

Naqiyah Nalwala
5 x 9’s 2 x 8’s

Maria Antoce
5 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s, 1 x 7

Alifyah Munniwala
4 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s

Arjun Thanabalan
4 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s

A Level Top Performer

Francesca Allana Dimarucut
2 x A* and 2 x A

Arvind Thanabalan
1 x A* and 2 x A

Vanessa Akoth Oluoch
1 x A* and 3 x A

Sahba Behrooz Mirahmadi
2 x A* and 1 A

Taha Abbas Gondalwala
A* and 2 x A

Leah Marielle Avakian
1 x A* and 2 x A

Sultan Sami Ahmed
1 x A* and 2 x A

Helya Taghian
1 x A* and 2 x A

Luka Maksimovic
1 x A* and 2 x A

Amani Saleh
1 x A* and 2 x A