The International Award is a truly rewarding experience which aims to bring new opportunities and help develop young people. Designed by a prestigious team of international educationalists, the award is recognised throughout the world by leading institutions, such as the top universities, and by many businesses when considering job applicants. Focusing on individual challenge it will offer your son/daughter the opportunity to set a personal goal and achieve it within a supportive, non-competitive environment. The Award has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) Award is available to Year 10 students. The Silver Award can be carried out by students in Year 11 and the Gold Award by those in the Sixth Form. Our most recent Gold Award group travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Each Award consists of a programme of cultural, practical and adventurous activities; specifically a community Service, learning a new skill, physical recreation and an adventurous journey.

The time requirements for Bronze level are three months of Skill, Community Service and Physical Recreation. The students must then decide to choose one in which to do an additional three months.

For our Bronze adventurous journey we will undertake an Expedition. The Expedition, and a Training Expedition that will happen beforehand, will take place over a weekend and the students will be supervised by the International Award Leaders along with other members of The English College teaching staff experienced in outdoor education. These will take place in the UAE close to Dubai.

Once students have passed the Bronze Award, they progress to the Silver Award.  This is completed as an extra-curricular activity and follows the same format as the Bronze Award: physical and practical skills, volunteering and a longer expedition.

The Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award can be completed in Sixth Form. Students are required to complete the same sections as Bronze and Silver for a longer period of between 12 and 18 months depending on whether students are direct entrants to the Gold Award. They are also required to undertake a 4 day expedition and a residential where they stay away from home for 5 days and 4 nights and volunteer time to a charity or to outdoor education companies. The skills students build and  develop on the Award are invaluable when applying for University places.   As a school we are committed to creating well rounded young people that will leave school with skills for life.

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