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Distance Learning – Tips


How to support your child with remote learning:

a. Follow a schedule each day during the week to complete the activities – in line with the school timetable


b. Use a calendar so that your child can mark off when they have completed assignments/daily tasks


c. Have a designated study space


d. For younger children, give them the opportunity to submit their own assignments and read the responses from their teachers


e. If a task becomes overwhelming, stop and go back to it later. If it becomes unmanageable, simply leave it and your child can discuss it with their teacher on their return to school


f. Complete home learning on the day it is assigned. Don’t leave it until the deadline, otherwise there will be multiple assignments to complete and your child could feel overwhelmed.


g. Allow your child to take regular breaks; this includes moving about and moving to a different space.


h. Use an online video exercise to allow opportunity for some exercise.


i. Particularly for younger children, set up a reward system for completed tasks; for example, treats, family time like playing a board game or a special weekend activity.


How to work as a family to make the most of this time:

a. Cook together – choose some new recipes and get your child involved.


b. Play board games as a family – choose a new one every other day


c. Share the household chores – a good opportunity to teach your child some of the basics


e. De-clutter and tidy up – playrooms, bedrooms, basements


f. Read those books that you have been meaning to


g. Go outside for some fresh air and enjoy nature


h. Take this time to brush up your language skills


i. Perhaps even create a video blog (VLOG) or journal of your online learning experience!