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College Staff

College Staff

We aim to give each child the best level of education possible not just in academic training but also in terms of character formation, developing the whole personality and awakening new interests so that when our students leave school we can expect them to become effective, happy and responsible members of society.

Sir Greg Martin


Mr Fahd Kahlaoui

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Joanne Hicks

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Osman Idris

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Daryl Sims

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Julia Douglas

Assistant Headteacher Student and Outcomes

Louise Marsden

Teacher of English & Head of Year 8 & 9

Miss Kiran Ali

Head of English Faculty

Miss Jen Trentini

Responsibility post in English

Miss Ellen Thorne

Teacher of English

Miss Rabia Ahmed


Miss Danielle Mulhearn

Teacher of English

Miss Rachel Louise Baalham

Teacher of English

Miss Alicia Hodgson

Teacher of English

Miss Chloe Browne

Teacher of English

Mr Osman Idris

Head of Maths Faculty / SLT

Mr Riccardo McMahon

Head of Faculty-Mathematics

Miss Rashida Tribak

Teacher of Mathematics/Head of Year

Mr Fahd Kahlaoui

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Fiona Mary Davidson

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Elizabeth Joan O’Reilly

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Lana Aziz

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Anuj Aggarwal

Teacher of Mathematics

Mirela Haias

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Mike Edmonds

Head of Science Faculty

Mr Luke Howse

Teacher of Physics

Mr Peter Haagensen

Teacher of Chemistry/ Second in Science

Miss Rashi Jena Kalia

Teacher of Biology/ Second in Science

Mr Krishan Talsania

Teacher of Chemistry

Miss Waheeda Haque

Head of Biology

Huw Humphreys

Teacher of Biology

Mr Abdi Handuleh

Teacher of Physics

Mr Ben Stileman

Teacher of Physics

Miss Samantha Rowberry

Head of Drama

Mr. Mark Andrew Glover

Head of Music

Mr James Clark

Head of Boys PE/ Head of Houses

Mrs Naomi Quinnell – Clark

Head of Girls PE

Miss Gemma Marar

Teacher of PE – Head of Year 10 & 11

Miss Chloe Erritsos Dulson

Teacher of Art/ Learning Environment Coordinator

Miss Adrienne Beacon

Head of Art & Design

Miss Laura Jade Murphy

Teacher of Drama and Careers Advisor

Miss Danielle Ayre

Head of Humanities Faculty

Mr James Blocksidge

Head of Geography

Douaa Nejmah

Head of Islamic Studies

Drew Stephen Owen

Head of Travel & Tourism/ Teacher of Geography

Maha Majeed

Teacher of Islamic Studies

Glenda Clark

Teacher of History/Sociology

Maria Papayiannis

Teacher of Geography

Sarah Braban

Teacher of Geography

Sophie Hibbert

Teacher of history

Hodan Mohamed

Head of Psychology and Sociology

Mrs. Jennifer Sims

Head of Langages – Teacher of French & Spanish

Miss Radwa El Ghazawy

Lead Teacher of Arabic

Mr Abdul Rahman Youssef

Teacher of Arabic

Miss Salwa Mohamed

Teacher of Arabic

Ahmed Soliman

Teacher of Arabic B

Amina Awad El-Bsat

Teacher of Arabic B

Sonia Masip Tello

Teacher of Spanish

Miss Lisa Marie Volcere

Teacher of French & Spanish

Mr Adam Stenning

Head of Technology Faculty/ Head of Computing

Mr Antony Moran

Teacher of Computing & Comp Science

Miss Zunera Zaman

Teacher of Computing & Comp Science

Miss Rachel O’Reilly

Teacher of Economics / Head of Year 12

Jill Duncan

Teacher of Business Studies – Head of BS & Economics

Jonathan Green

Teacher of Economics

Daniel Harrison

Head of Media Studies

Miss Farah Khan

Teacher of Social Studies

Charlotte Bagnall

Teacher of Social Sciences

Charlotte Hafiz

Teacher of Business and Economics

Cherryl Beekhuijsen


Mohammad Fakruddin

Head of Administration

Miss Valerie Toby

MIS Support

Mr. Luther John Jomaya

Data Analyst

Miss Ganna Babii


Hala Noori

Arabic and Administrative Secretary

Irish Estanislao

HR/Admin Coordinator

Josephine Ursua

Chief Accountant

Abdulla Sooppikkada


A Nazeer

Office Assistant