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The English College is a non-selective school which embraces being inclusive. We cater to all nationalities and religions; this is reflected in the values and culture of the whole school community ensuring that learners feel welcome, accepted, safe and valued whatever their background. On entry to the school, we also effectively identify students who have special educational needs and disabilities as well as those who are gifted and talented. Where needed, we modify our curriculum accordingly and implement intervention and specific support mechanisms to help all students succeed. The English College is a school for English Speaking students. We do not teach English as a second language.

Admission to Key Stage 3 and 4

Year 7 places will be offered on a first come basis and our admissions will close once all available places have been filled. Year 8 and 9 places will be offered on a first come basis as and when places become available in these year groups. Admission decisions are based on a student’s previous educational record and if necessary, a placement assessment an interview and/or a letter of recommendation from the present school. We have a limited number of places for children with special educational needs. All applicants whom we feel require support in this area will be assessed to identify whether the College can meet their individual needs.

Admission to Years 12 and 13 (The Sixth Form)

The Sixth Form offers courses in GCE A level with AS being undertaken in Year 12 and the full A level in Year 13, as well as a range of Level 3 BTEC courses. GCE courses, by their very nature, are demanding academically and entry to Year 12 has a competitive element to it. Places on courses are limited and it is not always possible to meet all of our students’ requests due to the popularity of certain subjects. Year 12 is open to those students who meet our entry requirement of at least five passes in their GCSEs at A* to C; have an aptitude in their chosen subjects (A* to B) and an attitude towards study that will allow them to succeed.


Students offered a place at The English College will be placed in a year group as per the regulations laid down by the UAE Ministry of Education. All students must be registered with the KHDA. It is, therefore, essential that all required documentation is handed into the school when requested to allow us to complete this process within the time-frame stated by the KHDA.



The English College is fully inclusive and welcomes students of determination. For more information please check the Inclusion page or make your requirements known to the Registrar.