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The curriculum at The English College reflects our philosophy and aims. It is broad and balanced, recognises UK guidelines and fulfils the requirements of the UK National Curriculum and beyond.

We provide education that is suited to all students and there is great emphasis on academic excellence. Students need to secure the best achievable qualifications. However, we firmly believe that the value of our curriculum goes beyond purely what is examinable. We believe every learner is entitled to a curriculum that is rich and varied, challenging and inspiring, which enables every individual to fulfil her or his potential to the highest possible standard. We promote the view that learning should be experienced as something which is enjoyable, engaging, rewarding and confidence building.

The curriculum should enable all young people to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

It is our intention to lay secure foundations for progression into Further and Higher Education and we consider preparation for Sixth Form study to be a key feature of our 11-16 education.

Our curriculum includes a wide variety of enrichment activities and we encourage students to take full advantage of these. Lessons are taught by highly qualified and motivated staff, all of whom are experts in their subject. All departments are well resourced.

Our curriculum is broken up into three Key Stages:

Admissions to Key Stage 3 (Years 7- 9)

Year 7 places will be offered on a first come basis and our admissions will close once all available places have been filled.Year 8 and 9 places will be offered on a first come basis as and when places become available in these year groups.

Admission decisions are based on a student’s previous educational record, and, if necessary, a placement assessment, an interview and/or a letter of recommendation from the present school.

We have a limited number of places for children with special educational needs. All applicants whom we feel require support in this area will be assessed to identify whether the College can meet their individual needs.

Admission to Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

Key stage 4 students follow a two-year GSCE/IGCSE curriculum.Students can only be admitted into these years at the beginning of the school year.

Year 10 applicants will be required to complete an assessment to assist with making suitable GCSE subject choices.

Our students can choose A level or BTEC qualifications depending on their interests and aptitude. It is expected most students will choose between 3 – 5 subjects in KS5 from the following optional subjects.

Arabic, Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, BTEC Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, BTEC Creative Media Production, Drama & Theatre Studies, English Language & Literature, English Literature, Economics, French, Geography, Government & Politics, History, BTEC Information Technology, Mathematics, Mathematics Level 3, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, BTEC Applied Science, Sociology, Spanish, BTEC Travel & Tourism.

A link to the UK national curriculum requirements can be found below:

The national curriculum in England