The best thing that a teacher can give their students is to teach them to love a challenge, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy the effort and be passionate about learning’

– Carol Dweck

The Sixth Form students at The English College, should strive for PRIDE at all times.

Of course we expect the same standards of all our students, but the attitude to learning is just as important in Year 12 and Year 13 – maybe even more so.

PASSION for learning

RESPECT each other

INCLUSIVE education


EXCELLING for excellence

The EC 6th form has an open door policy, giving students an experience of learning that is more like university study. We aim to create a supportive and purposeful atmosphere to enable students to cope readily with the more demanding and yet more flexible timetable of lessons. There are two routes of study available in the 6th Form so that students who wish to take BTEC studies or re-sits for English and Maths are catered for.

6th form students are the prefects of the school and are given leadership and community roles. They are given roles as Subject Champions and Pastoral Mentors, as well as the prefect team organising events and activities for the younger year groups, taking on duties at break times and at whole school events, running the Student Council and having fortnightly meetings with the Lead Teachers to ensure the student voice is represented.

Although this time of study can be very busy indeed, we encourage students to meet with their tutors regularly to gain immediate and up to date advice and pastoral support when necessary.

Robust systems of monitoring and reporting student progress mean that students are fully aware of areas of opportunity and areas of strength. At more difficult times, 6th form students can use the form tutor, Head of Year or Assistant Headteachers and as a learning mentor or advocate to subject teachers.

We connect students to many outdoor agencies in order to ensure Year 12 and Year 13 students have the most up to date and relevant details needed to help make decisions about their future. Students can seek advice from any member of staff as there is a wide range of experience within the College itself.

Our Key Stage Three Five Tutors are:

Year 12 Form Tutors

Year 13 Form Tutors

School Nurse


In the case of medical or very sensitive issues, students can go to the Mrs Marpole, our school nurse


Mrs Rachel O’Reilly is our Head of Year 12.

Mrs O’Reilly guides students through to develop independence and organisational skills, as well as helping students to make friends and to see how they are important to the wider school community. Students in Year 12 are encouraged to consider their well-being and health, as well as becoming integral members of College leadership through running clubs, activities and volunteering events both in and out of curriculum time.


Mr Barry Chaters is our Head of Year 12.

Mr Chaters leads the Year 13 team of tutors in helping students become the best version of themselves that they can be. This is a crucial time and students are encouraged to liaise with the full team in order to guide them to examination success and to help them get their choice of higher education. 6th Form students are the school leaders and prefects, but they also receive support and mentoring from the tutor team. Tutor group sizes are small and tutors get to know students very well so that they can guide students through young adulthood and in to the world of academia or work.