Admission to the Sixth Form at The English College is not automatic and students will need to have attained the academic requirements for the proposed course of study. Further information about Sixth Form Admissions; the courses on offer; and particular requirements to study will be published in the Spring Term each year.

Places are offered to both internal and external applicants. Current Y11 students, if they are predicted to achieve grades in line with the Sixth Form prospectus, are interviewed by mid March. During the interview, the following issues will be discussed with each student.

  • Intentions for further studies in Dubai or elsewhere;
  • Option choices for year 12 at the English College;
  • GCSE predicted grades at the time of interview.

Each student will be made aware of the following points during their interview:

  • Any likely clashes with the option blocks:
  • If the predicted grades suggest that entry that entry to certain courses may be difficult or not an appropriate study route:
  • The importance of a good code of behaviour and appearance in Sixth Form:
  • If there is any cause for concern that may affect entry.

A sixth form fair will be held TBC. At this time, students will be asked to make their final option choices in consultation with the relevant  Heads of Department. Students from outside of the English College are welcome to attend this fair.

All offers made are conditional and subject to the final GCSE grades received in August.

If a conditional offer is not made at this point, further discussions involving the student and parents will take place.

On Thursday the 24th of August, examination results will be made available to students and an email regarding the offer of a place in the Sixth form will be sent. Students will be expected to respond promptly by either accepting or rejecting the offer. It will be assumed that a student does not want their place if a response is not received by the end of month. The place will then be assigned to another student.

Any student who does not achieve the required grades or who wishes to change options must attend the fair TBC for further negotiations.

A place in the Sixth form is finally secured when the correct paperwork has been submitted and payment of the first term’s fees has been made.

Admissions Process

Conditions for entry  (AS/A Levels)

  • In order to start AS Level courses, you must have at least five GCSEs at Grade B and above, and have achieved at least a B Grade in any subject you are intending to study at AS Level. If you are undecided, be guided by the advice of our subject teachers. Please refer to the individual subject outlines in the Guide to Courses for particular requirements.
  • You must obtain at least a C Grade in English Language and Mathematics.
  • Where you wish to apply for an A Level which you have not studied at GCSE (e.g. Government and Politics, Psychology, Sociology), a Grade B or above in a related subject will be expected.

Conditions for entry (BTEC)

  • BTEC course require at least 5 GCSE grades at C and above with a minimum grade C in either Mathematics or English Language. You may re-sit one of these subjects, but not both.

Conditions for entry (Foundation courses)

  • No entry requirements for Foundation courses

Admissions Process

We begin by inviting Year 11 external candidates and their parents to our Sixth Form Open Afternoon TBC. The programme consists of tours of the school, talks by Miss L Brett (Leader of 6th Form) and an opportunity to talk to subject teachers (you are advised to read through our Guide to Courses before you attend to prepare any questions, as this is only available on our website).

Online Applications to the Sixth Form for 2017 entry can be submitted using our Online Registration Form from TBC .

Should you have any further queries regarding our Admissions process, please email