Mr Mark Glover

Designing and teaching the music curriculum. Running the music department. Maintaining instruments and equipment.  Managing the Vocal and Instrumental teaching staff. Managing instrument rentals. Entering students for ABRSM/Trinity grade exams. Organising concerts and performances. Co-ordinating the music extra-curricular timetable.  Primary liason.

Music at The English College Dubai is fun and creative, allowing students to experience performing music, composing music and learning to listen too and appreciate music from a variety of styles and cultures. Students have the opportunity to play a selection of musical instruments and work in groups as well as study individually. It aims to be a fantastic series of steps that will allow any student to move onto studying music as a GCSE. Students receive one music lesson per week and will have the opportunity to have private instrumental or vocal lessons through the Vocal Instrumental Programme (VIP). Students will be encouraged to take any opportunity to perform during suitable school concerts or events.

KS3 overview table

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Unit 1 Elements and Rhythm The Blues Samba!
Unit 2 Notation and Melody African Drumming Keyboard Skills
Unit 3 Keyboard Skills Pictures At An Exhibition Film Music
Unit 4 Graphic Score Reggae GCSE Music sample
Unit 5 Ukulele Further Ukulele Advanced Ukulele
Unit 6 Rap, Vocals, Beatbox Jingle Topic Pop Music
Optional Bridging Unit The Orchestra Band Project Band Project
Optional Bridging Unit Cartoon Composition Cartoon Composition Solo Performance
Optional Bridging Unit Singing Skills Singing Skills Singing Skills

What we study?

Music as a subject focuses on 3 main areas. Performing, composing and appraising. All students will study these three areas following the topics as listed in the KS3 overview table.

The English College Music Department offers students the opportunity to take music as a GCSE and follows the Edexcel (Pearson) new 9-11 course. The new qualification will inspire the next generation of students in forming personal and meaningful relationships with music through the development of musical knowledge, understanding and skills. Students will be encouraged to engage critically and creatively with a wide range of music, develop an understanding of the place of music in different cultures and contexts, and reflect on how music is used in the expression of personal and collective identities. The course is for students that have enjoyed and been successful in music lessons throughout KS3. Students who receive private vocal or instrumental lessons will naturally do well, but the course does require all students to read traditional musical notation at least to a basic standard and be confident performers (ideally grade 4 standard). The music department will host GCSE recital evenings and all students are expected to perform. GCSE music students should also play an active part in the music department of the school and be involved in an extra-curricular music club if one is suitable.

Course Overview  


Set Work list


N/A currently

Once per topic at KS3. KS4 students are expected to practice their main instrument (or voice) every day and form good practice habits.


Senior vocal group

Folk Ensemble

Theory Club

Ukulele Club

Rock Bands

Concert performances

More to come……