At Key Stage 4 we encourage students and parents to reach out to the Form Tutor first with any queries or questions. They see the students twice a day and therefore get to know their students very well indeed.

Key Stage 4 students are encouraged to speak to teachers and their Head of Year if they have any worries. They are expected to be more responsible for their own learning and their tutors support them in gaining these skills. The PSHCE programme explores exam skills, revision and positive life choices as well as encouraging students in problem-solving and enterprise activities. There is a strong focus on health and well-being, with the use of assembly and tutorial time to encourage students to remain active and take care of themselves.

The Form Tutor will often liaise with a Head of Department or Head of Faculty in order to support and care for students, on occasion preferring to refer matters straight to Miss Yates or Mr Khaloui if academic progress is likely to be impacted on by a pastoral matter.

Our Key Stage Four Form Tutors are:

Year 10 Form Tutors

Year 11 Form Tutors

School Nurse


In the case of medical or very sensitive issues, students can go to the Mrs Marpole, our school nurse.


Mrs Louise Marsden is our Head of Year 9 and 10.

Mrs Marsden helps students prepare for the academic rigour of Key Stage 4 choices. In Year 10 students begin their GCSE study. This year can be a difficult time for students as they get to grips with a great deal of changes. Mrs Marsden sees students across both of these years and helps them to deal with the new challenged they face as they begin to specialize in subjects.

The tutor team and Mrs Marsden, supported by Ms Yates, encourage Year 10 students to model exemplary behaviour, uniform and learning for the younger students. We also assist them with academic excellence by offering mentoring and intervention for students who are identified as being below target in 3 or more subjects in their Interim Report.


Ms Gemma Robinson is Head of Year 11.

Ms Gemma Robinson is Head of Year 11 and she helps students handle this critical year, whilst balancing extracurricular activities and social life with academic achievement. Students are encouraged to take opportunities like the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, House Captain roles, musical instrument examinations and club leadership to enhance their 6th Form and potential university applications, as well as to help give them resilience and time management skills essential for GCSE success.

Teachers will mentor individual students to help them achieve highly in their exams or to assist them with meeting deadlines and how to revise. Students who have 3 or more subjects as ‘”below target’” on their Interim Report will receive individualized intervention that is co-ordinated by Ms Robinson.