At Key Stage 3 we encourage students and parents to reach out to the Form Tutor first with any queries or questions. They see the students twice a day and so they get to know the students quickly. The Form Tutors also have access to data about your child’s attitudes and feelings towards school from the PASS survey which students do at the start of the academic year. This enables them to care, support and guide each child.

During tutorial time, students complete a PSHCE programme that promotes independence, resilience, building positive relationships and an appreciation of local culture. They have their Social Studies lessons twice a week with their Form Tutor.

Our experienced, UK trained and sympathetic Key Stage 3 team of tutors are both kind to students with a firm sense of fairness and an insistence on complying with the rules of the College. Key Stage 3 students need an advocate to speak to teachers for them and therefore the Form Tutor will often liaise with a Head of Year or a Head of Faculty in order to support and care for students.

Our Key Stage Three Form Tutors are:

Year 7 Form Tutors

Year 8 Form Tutors

Year 9 Form Tutors

School Nurse


In the case of medical or very sensitive issues, students can go to the Mrs Marpole, our school nurse.


Mr Sam Walker is our Head of Year 7 and 8.

He guides students through their first years at the College. During this time, we develop independence and organisational skills, as well as helping students to make friends and to see how they are important to the wider school community.


Mrs Louise Marsden is Head of Year 9 and 10.

Mrs Marsden helps students prepare for the academic rigour of Key Stage 4 choices. In Year 9 we encourage students to consider the ways they can stretch and challenge themselves academically and socially. In Year 10 students begin their GCSE study. (Please see the Key Stage 4 section for more details about Year 10 support.) These years can be a difficult time for students as they get to grips with a great deal of changes. The tutor team and Mrs Marsden, supported by Ms Yates, encourage Year 9 students to think about the wider College community and modelling exemplary behaviour and learning for the younger students.