Department : Enhanced Studies/ Directed Studies

Head of Department : Rabia Ahmed

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The process of identification starts through liaison with our own Manor Primary and other Primary feeder schools. The Assistant Headteacher of Students and Outcomes (in her role as Admissions Officer) visits to meet prospective students and their teachers in the year prior to commencement of studies.

When Year 7 and all new students arrive here at The English College, Dubai, students complete the following screening assessments:

Cognitive Abilities Testing,

Progress in English, Maths and Science Testing (up to and including Year 9),

The Learner Self Esteem Questionnaire,

Schonnel  Spelling  Test,

LUCID Exact.

Identification of ‘Learning Needs’ will come generally be highlighted through this battery of assessments and the reports that come from Parents and each of the students Primary School(s).


Depending upon the needs of the individual an appropriate level of support will be apportioned. Support can come in the form of ‘in class support’ or ‘withdrawal’ support. Students can receive four periods of support a week where trained staff work towards assisting each student achieve their individual goals and complete the outcomes stated in their comprehensive individual profile.

The Head of Enhanced Studies is responsible for the cultivation of all SEN documentation and ensuring that all staff members are given the most up to date information regarding how to get the best out of each individual.