Ms J Trentini    : Second-in-Charge Key Stage 4

Ms D Mulhearn : KS5 Coordinator

At the English College we offer a challenging and diverse curriculum which follows British Standards, and is designed to provide an excellent education for all students; giving each individual the skills that they will need to achieve outstanding results in their GCSE and A Level Examinations.

English is vital for communicating with others in school and in the wider world, and is fundamental to learning in all curriculum subjects. In studying English, students learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others confidently and effectively.

At Key Stage 3 English classes are mixed ability and in Year 7 and 8 students attend in their form groups. For all students, the curriculum is split into English Language and English Literature in order to give early emphasis to the requirements of the GCSE courses. During these years, the curriculum is designed to train students in a variety of key skills as well as introduce texts in a range of genres including Poetry, Prose, the Modern Novel and Shakespeare.  In Year 9 English becomes more focused, with students beginning their GCSE English courses in their final term.

In Key Stage 4 all students will study the new English courses introduced in 2015. All students study GCSE (9–1) – 601/4836/6 Edexcel GCSE English Language (1EN0) and the majority will also study GCSE (9–1) – 601/4789/1 Edexcel GCSE English Literature (1ET0). The grading of the new courses is now a scale of 1-9.

A GCSE English Language qualification at least a level 5 is required for most University entry. The English Language course develops comparative and analytical skills, as well as focusing on a variety of writing tasks.  In addition, knowledge of GCSE English Literature demonstrates higher-level critical thinking with students studying and critiquing a variety of texts including Poetry, Drama, 19th Century Prose and Shakespeare.

Two different courses are available for study at AS and A level in English. These are:

601/5047/6 Edexcel English Literature AS Level (8ET0) and 601/5046/4 A Level (9ET0) OR 601/4913/9 Edexcel English Language & Literature AS Level (8EL0) and 601/4912/7 A Level (9EL0).

Both options can be studied as a one year AS Level or as a two year A Level course.  They each offer study in a range of texts and genres, building on the skills developed in GCSE English. Both courses include a coursework element at A Level.

We are now offering IGCSE English Language and IGCSE Literature

English Language

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English Literature

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KS3 Overview

 English Dept. Year Plan 2016/17 Key Stage 3 Year group/term Year 7 Literature Year 7 Language Year 8


Year 8 Language Year 9 Literature Year 9 Language
Term 1 Post 1914 Lit & fiction Imaginative Writing Poetry Non-fiction (including transactional writing) Shakespeare Shakespeare (comprehension)
Term 1 assessment (end of term) Literature/Fiction + Imaginative Writing Poetry+Non-fiction+Transactional Shakespeare x 2
Term 2 Shakespeare Shakespeare (comprehension) Post 1914 Literature/fiction Imaginative Writing Poetry Non – fiction (including transactional)
Term 2 assessment (end of term) Shakespeare+ Fiction+ Imaginative Fiction+Imaginative Writing+Poetry+Non-fiction+Transactional Poetry+ non-fiction + Transactional Writing + Shakespeare
Term 3 Poetry Non-fiction (inc. transactional writing) Shakespeare Shakespeare (comprehension) Post 1914 Literature/fiction Imaginative Writing
Term 3 assessment (end of term) Poetry+Non-fiction+Transactional Writing+Fiction+Shakespeare+Imaginative Writing Shakespeare+ Poetry+Non-fiction+Fiction+Imaginative Writing+Transactional Writing Fiction + Imaginative Writing + Shakespeare+ Poetry+Non-fiction + Transactional Writing

KS4 Overview


KS5 Year plan

 Year 12 curriculum plan + assessments Year group/term English Literature AS Level English Lang/Lit AS Level
Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Teacher 1 Teacher 2
Term 1 Drama Pre 1900 Prose Text Creation of Voice Core text 1
Term 1 assessment (end of term) 1 Drama question + one prose question 1 Creation of voice question + one core text question
Term 2 Post 2000 Poetry One other Prose text Comparing Voices Text 2
Term 2 assessment (end of term) 1 comparative Poetry Question + 1 comparative prose question One Comparing Voices question + one text 2 question
Term 3 Poetry Contd. Revision Revision Revision
Term 3 assessment (end of term) At least one full timed paper before AS Level exam (use double periods) At least one full timed paper before AS Level exam (use double periods)
Return to school in June Coursework prep Coursework prep

The English College participate actively every year in the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and as well as visiting the festival, students also have the opportunity to meet a variety of authors who visit the school.

There are also a number of opportunities – in conjunction with the Drama department – for students to experience Drama at the theatre.

Students are given the opportunity to enter a number of Competitions to improve their Literacy skills throughout the year.

Students study local Nabati poetry, contribute to school publications and write and publish their own anthologies of work. In addition, extra-curricular opportunities include a Creative writing club.