Joanne Hicks               :  Head of Department
Samantha Rowberry   :  Teacher of Drama

Joanne Hicks                :

Samantha Rowberry    :

Drama at The English College is characterised by a combination of theory and practice, bringing acting, playwriting, dramaturgy and alternative performance methodologies together with theories of theatre and gender, philosophy and politics. Our Drama courses engage the relationships between applied, ‘real life’ and traditional techniques and the expanding arena of digital practice.

Shakespeare-Deconstruction and perfroming scenes from Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet.

Exploration of 21 century new playwrights Zephaniah, Diane Samuels, Mark Haddon, Dennis Kelly

Exploration of characters and relationships

Exploration of subtext and semiotics of play text

Exploration of meaning

Devisng a piece of theatre using a theme as a stimulus

Creating and performing a monologue

Devised workshops thematically based upon Abuse of Power with application of Stage craft, theatre history, theatrical genres and theatre practitioners.

Devise and evaluate theatre as theatre collaborators and perform to a public audience.

Study, explore and perform the playtext Crucible understanding the artistic intentions of Arthur Miller.

Perform a monologue/ duologue and an extract from a play.

Attend live theatre and complete a live review

Practically explore History of Theatre with application of 20-21 century theatre practitioners, playwrights, theatrical style, form and structure.

Study and explore Ancient Greek Civiisation with particular focus on Theatre of Dionysus, Government and Politics, Social, cultural and political contexts.

Study, explore, perform the play texts of Lysistrata by Aristophanes, and Equus by Peter Shaffer.

Perform in Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill to a public audience

Perform a monologue from Five Kinds of Silence by Sarah Daniels.

Create a devised piece of theatre and perform to a public audience.

Attend live theatre and complete a live review.

Prepare and sit written exam which focuses upon the two play texts studied Lysistrata and Equus, requiring students to be Theatre makers by realising a performance and interpreting a performance.

Is set weekly at GCSE and A’level however at KS3 it is set as a development task which could be research, learning lines, practising drama work.

Theatre visits(Dubai Opera, Madinat, DUCTAC)


Yearly visits from outside theatre companies offering workshops like Mark Wheeler, Frantic Assembly, Splendid

School Production

LitFest- Interviews and performance with prolific actors and playwrights like Robert Lyndsay, Stephen Berkoff, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Carol Anne Duffy

School Trips to London and New York with focus upon Theatre