Adrienne Beacon       :  Head of Department

Chloe Dulson              :  Teacher of Art

The Art Department is made up of 3 dedicated Art specialists who work closely as a team to motivate and challenge students through our enthusiasm for the subject.

We aim to foster and nurture creativity, an understanding of visual language and independent learning skills. We seek to develop students’ visual and tactile skills through working with different materials, and to relate these experiences to a broad spectrum of world artists and designers. Our aim is to improve and enhance creative and artistic skills, to further develop skills in a range of artistic mediums, to further expand knowledge and understanding of Art history.

The subject is very popular at The English College. The school follows the Edexcel Examination Syllabus and the department enjoys outstanding results at both GCSE and A Level. The external moderator cites the department as a centre of excellence and an example of good practice. The department has an excellent reputation and the end of year exhibition carries its reputation before it.

1, 50 minute lesson per week.
Each term is thematic, Term 1 Natural Environment, Term 2 Man-Made Objects, Term 3 Human Form, 2Dimensional, 3Dimensional, Print and Mixed Media outcomes are produced. A3 sketchbooks record students progress. Regular assessment monitors students technical skill, research ability, development of ideas, presentation and final outcomes.

3, 50 minute lesson per week. Edexcell specification is followed. Focus is on observational drawing, artisit research, development of ideas and final responses. Year 10/11 students are increasingly encouraged to develop their own individual ideas and approaches are from starting points set by the teacher or the examination board. Outcomes are as individual as the students we teach, ambitious in scale and competent in technical skills. Work is presented to the moderator in the form of an exhibition at the end of year 11. Students will be awarded on the 1-9 scale.

We continue to follow the Edxcel specification at Alevel. By the time our students get to Year 12 they are fully competent with their skills and are expected to be able to develop their ideas confidently. We encourage independent learning but work closely on a one to one with them to help develop their ideas tailored to each individual needs and interests. The new A level course requires the students to work on a project entitled personal portfolio and therefore independent thinking is very much encouraged from the very beginning. The outcomes of our students are ambitious and individual and sketchbook work fully supports the exciting jouneys they go on. The AS and Alevel are stand alone qualifications and our students are entered for both qualifications. Grading is on A-E.

Homework in Art is set as and when required by each teacher, it does not appear on the homework timetable.  KS4 students are expected to spend atleast 1hr per week on independent development of their work and KS5 atleast 3 hours per week.

  • Extra curricular lunchtime clubs in specialist areas such as print making and photography
  • Local and International events and opportunities are encouraged and participated in such as The Big Draw and Saatchi online
  • Local gallery visits